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Hi again,

If you read my previous post about FollowFriday’s you’ll know why I’ve decided to take a different approach to FollowFriday. If not, you can read “Taking Back FollowFriday the Chris Brogan Way” for the back story.

In April, it’s all about Zen…

April’s been a busy month, but a productive one. The highlight for me was definitely completing the ZenProfits Blog Marketing Blueprint and getting it to market. It’s with that in mind that I’d like to thank the following awesome people this #FollowFriday for their help and support without which none of this would have been possible.

ZenProfits Blog Marketing Blueprint

ZenProfits Blog Marketing Blueprint


To @NinjaCupcake – Thanks for putting up with the late nights, long hours & breakfast in bed, you’re the best!


To @CamGreen, @GoodSEO, @ByronRode & @FuziJuzi, @JeanreS and anyone else who got their hands on a friends only preview copy of the ebook – Thanks for taking the time out to read, digest and review it and for providing such great feedback regarding pricing and tweaks, you rock!

Last, but not least…

@laraleepalmer, @Saudiqua, @adsmitchell, @fem_fatalle, the @SiliconCape massive and the rest of my super cool Twitter Followers, thank you for the thoughts, discussions, links and laughs, keep them coming.

Well, that concludes this edition of my FollowFriday recommendations for the last week of April. Watch this space for more awesome folks to engage and follow on Twitter.

What do you think of the new style FollowFriday?

If you liked this post, I encourage you to try the same thing next Friday, think about the people you wish to thank and tag them all in a blog post and then share a link to it on Twitter, it beats the pants off cramming a bunch of names into a status update!