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Wow, it’s Friday again already, I hope that you all had a good week and are looking ahead to an interesting weekend.

In the spirit of the new style FollowFriday format which I’ve blogged about before in “Taking Back FollowFriday the Chris Brogan Way“, here are a few Cape Town Tweeple I think you should check out on Twitter. This week’s list is pretty heavily influenced by the folks over at MuthaFM – I’ve been lurking in the chat, listening to interviews of some interesting peeps and great, fresh music too, the kind you cannot find on the radio.

So, now, onto #FollowFriday

To @kidclever1, @dezanddude, @GizelleToDaMax, @lilpinkladies and the rest of the crew at @muthafmradio – thanks for the cool tunes, good vibes and great guests.

To @patricktigue, @KhughesCosta, @hpvacations and the rest of the family at @DowntownEcom – thanks for making my time in Costa Rica a memorable one. You’re on your own now, good luck for the future. See you all for some SEO, sun, sand and surf again soon.

To @CapeTownMag, @NokiaRSA and @SpringLeap thanks for the Nokia Lumia 800, it’s charged, ready and waiting for a microSIM and we’re in business. The phone is great, software is snappy and has almost the same storage & camera specs as the iPhone I currently own which is very promising.

Lastly, to @NinjaCupCake Thanks for being the awesome person you are and putting up with all my shit, the late nights, late sleeping and general male beastliness.

So if you see your name up there in lights, you rock, thanks. If you don’t, well, I guess you just gotta try harder to impress me – that’s all.

Have an awesome weekend people, party hard and play safe.