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Cape Town, South Africa

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Invoice Number INV-0037
Invoice Date May 12, 2018
Due Date May 12, 2018
Total Due $400.00

Fabiola Sanchez

Development of basic PPC Agency style WordPress website for Ad Wolves Media.

  • Include Stripe payment processor
  • Include Spanish translation of English content.
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Logo Creation

Create logo PNG & PSD for web and print.

1 WordPress Deployement

Install and configure WordPress core.

1 Theme Deployment

Install and configure WordPress theme.

1 WordPress Plugins

Install and configure WordPress plugins including Stripe Payments (free plugin version).

1 WordPress Customization

Customize WordPress core, theme and plugin files.

1 WordPress SEO

Install and configure WordPress SEO plugins. Perform basic on-page SEO.

1 Content Insertion: English (up to 10 pages)

Insert, proofread and optimize English content.

1 Content Insertion: Spanish Translation (up to 10 pages)

Insert translated content.

Sub Total $1,540.00
Tax $0.00
Discount -$1,140.00
Total Due $400.00

Bank Deposit or Money Transfers (via Wise)
Account holder: Zeenat Valley-Omar
Account Type: Personal
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Account number: 8314377226

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Recipient address:
Ms. Zeenat Valley-Omar

67 Rouxton Road
Lansdowne 7780, Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa