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A friend of mine told me about this awesome accessory for your gaming controller this weekend and I had to share it.

Hardcore console gamers may just have an awesome new weapon to add to their rigs to improve your skills and boost your scores. The device I’m showing you is an accessory called the N-Control Avenger, and it’s a bolt-on to your existing controller which makes configuring your controller for optimal usability is a snap. Check out this video below for a full video review which illustrates the highlights, benefits and awesome features.

N-Control Avenger Video Review

I clipped the following “official introduction” to the The Avenger from the manufacturer’s website to provide a better explanation of the N-Control Avenger:

The Avenger is an external adapter for the XBOX 360 controller, designed to enhance your skills and make your opponents blow chunks!

This lean mean accessory provides gamers with a more immersive gaming experience, while improving situational awareness, accuracy, agility, and reaction-time. The Avenger allows for rapid, fluid movements between individual buttons and analogue sticks, allowing gamers to access up to nine functions simultaneously. Equipped with a stabilizer stand, customizable levers, high-precision tension straps, hair-trigger capabilities, and sensitivity adjusters, this space-age monster can be fine-tuned like an instrument. The Avenger is engineered for those who want to push their gaming abilities to new heights and leave their opponents begging for mercy!

The Feedback So Far is Awesome!

Lightning reflexes, more kills. instantly accessible to your index fingers, like an extension of your nervous system, In a shooter like Call of Duty, that doesn’t just mean you aim faster, without the micro-interruptions of button smashing: You can go prone, aim, and shoot, all at the same time. the Avenger’s learning curve is surprisingly short. Afterward, you’ll see no reason to ever take it off. – Gizmodo

The Avenger is a controller add-on that claims to be “the ultimate gaming advantage.” I’d say this ends up being pretty close.. Instead of only using one or two fingers on each hand, you can use three. This is a twitch product for your reflexes, This does make for quicker, more agile response time. My reaction time felt faster. This is a twitch product for your reflexes, I was impressed! – Kotaku

I played Black Ops with the Avenger…I was able to shoot much faster. With a few more adjustments to fit my style,I was suddenly reloading faster, switching weapons with my left index finger, and never taking my hands off either analog stick. The Avenger works. It really does.” – GadgetReview

Based on the reviews and the feedback so far this accessory is looking like an absolute no brainer for the gaming enthusiast. Pretty damn cool huh?

So I guess the only question left to ask is “when are you getting yours?”

For more news, information, videos, reviews and distributor information, check out the Avenger Controller website at