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One Letter Off

One Letter Off

Pete Cashmore just posted his selection of the Top 20 #oneletteroffmovies over on Mashable and I have to say that there are a few corkers in that bunch that have to be passed on.

What’s #oneletteroffmovies?

#oneletteroffmovies is currently a trending topic on Twitter and simply put it’s a hash tag that allows people to change one letter of movie titles to make new one’s. I see that someone beat me to Sad Max: Beyond Thunderdome – dagnabbit!

I have opted to include some of my favourites from Pete’s list and also take a look through the hashtags to see if I found and other that I think are worthy of inclusion.

Also, where possible I have gone back as far as Twitter Search would allow at the time in order to credit ther oldest instance of the idea.

My Top 10 #oneletteroffmovies Tweets

Ten: The Lizard of Oz

Nine: SARS Atatcks!

Eight: The Beer Hunter

Seven: Diddy Day Care

Six: Citizen Kanye

Five: The Hoarse Whisperer

Four: Finding Emo

Three: Pup Friction

Two: The Umpire Strikes Back

… and last, but certainly not least:

One: Piss of the Dragon

… and lastly, a few that spring to mind are:

Bonus: Where the Wild Thongs Are

Bonus: Paws

Bonus: Sad Max – The Road Worrier

…and that’s a wrap.