Local SEO for Small Businesses

Take the guesswork out of optimizing your business for local searches. My local SEO services are designed to boost your visibity and grow your footprint in the digital marketplace. Let me to help your business get better rankings in local search results and connect with customers from search engines, maps, social media and mobile platforms.

Local SEO Consulting

About My Local SEO Services

Strategies Designed to Connect You to Local Customers


By optimizing your website content for local search and inserting the relevant geographic tags I’m able to grow your local business footprint to engage users performing searches on maps, mobile or location directories.


By putting a solid and comprehensive local SEO strategy in place, I can help your business gain exposure on local search engine and have your business highlighted on maps displayed alongside the search results.



By optimising your website pages for local search and priming your business for greater exposure in the local searches I can help you reach a wider audience of potential customers and lower the cost of acquiring customers.

Local SEO Consulting Services Overview

Below You'll Find a Small Selection of My Local SEO Consulting Services

On-Site SEO

Let me analyze your website and put together a comprehensive strategy forgrowing your business footprint for better exposure in local searches.


  • Keyword Research.
  • Website Optimization.
  • Google Maps Integration.
  • Optimization of Reviews.
  • Geotagging Content.
  • Content optimization.

Business Listings

Let me help you identify, claim and optimize your local business listings in the major search engines and grow your website traffic to generate more leads and sales.


  • Bing Places for Business.
  • Google My Business.
  • Yahoo Small Business Listings.
  • Business Directory Submissions.
  • Click to Call Campaigns.
  • Localized Ad Campaigns.

Local Inbound Marketing

Let me help you build a effective inbound marketing strategy to engage your audience, win customers and build authority through reviews, ratings and social media.


  • Local Content Marketing.
  • Optimization of Reviews.
  • Social Media Campaigns.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Mobile Marketing Campaigns.
  • Local Lead Generation.

Local SEO Consulting Packages & Pricing

My Local SEO Package combined with ongoing support and guidance ensures a partnership you can rely on to grow your small business. Choose the SEO service package that best applies to your business and trust me to connect you directly to your customers.

If you’re not sure which package is the right one for your business or need advice on how Local SEO can benefot your business, request a free consultation. During our consultation I’ll analyse your requirements and advise you on the best course of action.

SEO Consultancy Portfolio

Below you'll find a selection of recently completed SEO and consulancy projects.

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Submit your brief today and let me help you plan, build, optimize, promote and grow your business through localized search engine marketing.

Local SEO F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Local SEO
What is Local SEO?

Although WordPress is pretty good at seo compliance and produng a technically sound website, it’s not perfect. WordPress SEO is the process of optimizing your website from a technical standpoint to facilitate better search engine rankings, improve customer conversion rates and ultimate, a better user-experience.

It is my duty to identify opportunities for optimizing your WordPress website from the ground up for the best possible rankings in the search engines and effectively grow your digital footprint in your marketplace, create engagement opportunities and acquire customers.

Why is Local SEO important?

Whether you’re a start-up with no search engine rankings or an established brand looking to leverage organic search to drive more traffic to your website SEO should be an essential part of your online marletig mix. SEO can help you grow your business and allow potential customers to find you.

Your website’s level of optimization and SEO compliance affect how you’re perceived by the search engines as a relevant authority in your marketplace and as a result, your exposure to potential customers.

I can help you create a technically sound seo compliant mobile business website which ranks well, engages your marketplace and actively grows your business.

How can Local SEO Benefit Your Business?

Inbound marketing is a relatively new term which decribes marketing initiatives which do not follow the traditional interruption marketing protocols such as banner ads, pop-ups and television commercials which create a negative user experience. Instead, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that draws potential customers to your company and product, naturally. Inbound marketing is best way to turn browsers into customers and promoters of your business.

I can help you create a successful inbound marketing strategy to attract, convert, close and delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.

How do I get support?

Although I am based in Costa Rica, I have many happy clients all over the world, from New York to Johannesburg. I make sure that I am always available to support you and your team via email, Skype or over the phone, whatever works for you. I like to make sure that my Local SEO clients are always kept in the loop and ensure that the local search strategy development and execution process is an enjoyable collaborative and educational experience.

How do we start working together?

All that’s needed for us to start working together on your next Local SEO campaign is for you to contact me via my email form and provide some basic information about your project. From there I’ll schedule a Skype call so we can have a face to face discussion regarding your project, your requirements, expectations and budget to determine if I am the right person for the job before establishing a formal brief.

How does the Local SEO process work?

Once the Local SEO brief has been agreed to and finalized verbally, I will formulate the right strategy for growing your footprint in the marketplace. When I’m satisfied with the action plan, I’ll begin the project by discussing the action plan with you and explaining the actions, expectations and benefits. I listen carefully to your feedback and make the necessary changes to the strategy and offer advice on why I have arrived at the solutions suggested. This process of consultation and refinement continues until the Local SEO plan achieves perfection and you’re ready to launch.

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    My SEO rates are dependent on the specific features your project requires as well as the number of pages, marketplace competitiveness and degree of complexity. SEO quotes can be more or less than the estimates stated above depending on your final project specifications; I make a great effort to work with every client to develop a fully customized SEO brief to meet your budget.