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I saw an interesting post over at ReadWriteWeb this morning regarding the growth of the mobile social web, which is predicted to hit 975 Million Users By 2012.

Things like convergence and portability are making it possible for people to stay connected on almost any device, from anywhere and anytime – and if they are staying connected, they socializing.

Sarah Perez blog studies of the growth of mobile social networking and how the next big trend for social networking is the rise of the mobile social network as Gen Y’s cell phone addiction has given way to a proliferation of these mobile networks, each one trying to be the MySpace of the mobile web.

The number of users on these services is growing fast – in fact, a new study by InStat is predicting that by 2012, there will be nearly 30 million “millennials” in the U.S. using a mobile social network of some sort, and a ComputerWorld report confirms that worldwide, that number will soar to 975 million by 2012.

If you want more information about he numbers, check out Sarah’s post titled “Mobile Social Web: 975 Million Users By 2012” over at ReadWriteWeb.