Blogging Resources

How to Launch Your Blog

The following is a list of hand-picked blogging resources that I have personally reviewed and am confident to recommend to you as valuable tools to help launch your own blog.

This list will evolve over time as I review and discover new material which can help accelerate your learning and help you build better websites or blogs.

Domain Name Registrations

The following list of domain registrars are companies that I know from first hand experience. I personally have been making use of GoDaddy since day one for my top-level domains & Euro DNS takes care of the rest as far as international TLD’s are concerned.

Affordable Web Hosting

The following is a list of my Top Rated Web Hosting service providers for bloggers. All of the web hosting companies highlighted below are well established and generally offer superior support, service and product offering at extremely good price points.

WordPress Theme Designs

Thanks to the growing WordPress Premium Themes Marketplace it’s easier than ever to find a theme that’s the perfect fit or starting point for further customization. Here’s my personal selection of some great places to buy WordPress Themes where you can get incredible value for money.
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35 Blogging Best Practices

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