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In preparation for 2011 I’ve decided to offload some of my gambling domains and new-ish websites in order to simplify my life and focus on my core businesses. With this in mind I went hunting for some of the best places to buy and sell websites and places to list domains for sale.

In doing the research I looked through some of the most popular sites to list the domain / website and found a few good looking sites which looked like the best places to go for buying and selling web properties which I’ll list below. I also noticed that the paid listing sites tend to be of a far higher quality and that the free listing sites are often filled with a lot of junk, so finding something to buy or being found if you’re selling could be a hassle.

In the end, I opted to list my new poker website for sale at – the basic listing is $20 but you can bolt on a few extras such as screenshots, featured listings and listing highlights. I chose the screenshot add-on as I feel that the website looks good and that a small visual cue would help it stand out from the other standard listings, the total for the 30 day listing worked out to around $30.

The listing process is quick and easy and some of the features which impressed me were the payment system which allows you to set reserve and buy-now prices for your website and payments can be processed in any number of ways including escrow and PayPal. Verification Checks are in place to limit dodgy listings and minimize the amount of false claims made by sellers as well.

So, my personal recommendation is definitely, but some of the options that I looked and and may be worth checking out for selling your domains and websites are listed below:

Recommended Domain & Website Marketplaces


Ok, so there you have it, my list of the recommended places to trade domains and websites. There are a host of other places where you can park domains, but more about those in another post.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your domaining and website trading, I hope you get the results you desire. If you think that there are other marketplaces which deserve a mention, please leave a comment and I’ll include them in a follow up post.

Thanks again & have a happy new year.