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I compiled this list after reading one of Perry Marshall’s newsletters which cause me to stop, think and make some crucial changes to my approach to my efforts as an entrepreneur.

I think this summary of the differences between entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs outlined below will really hit home for some of you. I know that I have definitely been guilty of a few of these in the past, but thankfully, guys like Perry publish many thought-provoking posts which help the rest of us review our situations to learn where we can make changes to our personalities as well as our businesses for a better chance of success in the long-term.

  1. Wanna-be’s only dream. Entrepreneurs ACT!
  2. Wann-be’s drive any kind of traffic they can. Entrepreneurs focus more on converting.
  3. Wanna-be’s focus on making sales 24/7. Entrepreneurs build their list.
  4. Wanna-be’s need the perfect plan. Entrepreneurs test and tweak along the way.
  5. Wanna-be’s crumble with a failure. Entrepreneurs know how to fail fast.
  6. Wanna-be’s worry about “looking stupid” to friends and family. Entrepreneurs will trade long-term success for short-term embarrassments.
  7. Wanna-be’s wait until they have all the right tools in place. Entrepreneurs will dive in naked.
  8. Wanna-be’s too often feel entitled. Entrepreneurs know better.
  9. Wanna-be’s blame themselves after failure. Entrepreneurs blame the idea.
  10. Wanna-be’s quit. Entrepreneurs regroup.