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WordPress as a CMS

Why use WordPress as a CMS?

WordPress has become my development platform of choice & I felt that it was time to spread the love by letting you know about the 10 greatest reasons to use it as a CMS.

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1. It’s FREE.

Using WordPress as the platform upon which to develop your website means it’s inexpensive & often free. WordPress itself is free & there are thousands of free templates to choose from. If you need a more pimping design, a kick butt commercial or premium theme can be sourced for under $100. Save the money & treat yourself to something nice!

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2. It plays well with others.

Even if you’ve only just computer savvy, WordPress is user friendly. If you can send an e-mail, set up a Facebook account or use Microsoft Word, then you can use WordPress. Creating your content is child’s play & you don’t run the risk of trashing the design. It’s a publishing platform for non-techies.

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3. You can roll your own.

With WordPress you can Do-It-Yourself. Save time & money by minimizing your reliance on expensive programmers & designers.

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4. It’s a global party.

WordPress is online & offers access to a truly helpful global community who can help you fix something when you’ve broken it & you can access it from anywhere. If you’ve got internet access in Bora Bora, you could work from there.

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5. It makes SEO simple.

WordPress also makes it easier to optimise your site for improved search engine exposure. A few basic tweaks & plugins are all that’s required to ensure that your content is crawlable by search engine spiders for indexation & inclusion in the SERP’s.

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6. It’s extendable.

WordPress also supports plugins & extensions which allow extra functionality to be built into your website. Most plugins are freely available and can be easily installed & configured from within the WordPress Administration Dashboard, removing the need for time consuming transfer sessions & manual editing of tricky configuration files.

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7. It can be downright sexy.

With WordPress, cheap doesn’t have to be nasty. Some of the world’s biggest, best, busiest & most beautiful websites are built on the WordPress platform.

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8. It can pay the rent.

If you hone your skills, WordPress can help you generate a tidy sum of extra cash from freelancing jobs or even enable you to launch your own online business.

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9. It’s fun.

The fun never sets with WordPress community. New themes, extensions, plugins & features are being developed & made freely available every day – you’ll be amazed at some of the funky stuff that can be done using the WordPress platform and a few plugins. There are even global meetup events for WordPress fans to get together to listen, share, learn & network.

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10. It’ll make you a chick magnet.

Ok, I don’t know so much about that last one guys, but here are some ideas on How to get a Girl to Flash You if you’re a struggling Romeo.

Well, that’s all from me for now, enjoy the rest of your day & happy blogging.

PS: Do you have other reasons for using WordPress as a CMS? If so, please do share.