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Working with Frijoles Locos involved a complete upgrade and redesign of their existing website. The Frijoles Locos Project included a custom new theme which was customized to fit with the client’s branding as well as the inclusion of lead generation mechanisms, landing page designs, marketing consultation. The client also requested a refresher on how best to make use of the new system to create and manage content.

Basic on-page search optimization was performed to ensure that all website pages were optimized for relevant terms and were also technically sound as far as standards compliance was concerned.


I found Bronson through a friend whom I trust, who also has very high standards for their business. We needed a fresh look for our website, mobile device optimization, better blog management, along with some SEO, some training & education on how to put it all together, and we got so much more! With minimal direction from me, Bronson created something better than I imagined. He nailed it. So very happy we asked him to give a complete makeover to our website. Thank you! Highly recommended.
Corynne Bean

Owner, Frijoles Locos Surf Shop & Spa

Web Design, Web Development, Theme Customization, Mobile Compatibility, Conversion Optimization

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Playa Grande Surf Shop