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In the second installment of my new series of #FollowFriday blog posts I’m going to highlight 6 Internet Marketing & Internet Business type folks that I think you should watch, learn and engage with if you’re creating and marketing your own information products or operating your own online business to make money online.

JLU 6-pack Heroes by Baby Diana via Flickr

JLU 6-pack Heroes by Baby Diana via Flickr

The reason I decided to go this route today was just to say thanks to a few of the people that inspired to dip my toes into the digital info product waters and produce my 1st product. It’s been a huge learning curve for me and I really think that I would have been lost if it were not for the work of the following folks.

So, before I digress, here’s the list of 6 Internet Marketing Masters to follow on Twitter in no particular order:

Jimmy D. Brown

Jimmy is a veteran internet marketer who really delivers some great information. I’m currently a member of Jimmy’s Membernaire Coaching Program and have to say the info I’ve gleaned about setting up my my own membership sites and coaching programs has been invaluable.

  • Twitter Alias: @thejimmydbrown
  • Twitter Bio: This is the REAL Jimmy D. Brown’s account.

Anik Singal

I first learned about Anik via The Money Tree System launch a while back. Anik develops some really killer products and shares tons of valuable internet marketing intel in the form of case studies and free reports. This dude is absolutely killing it online and taught this old dog a plethora of new tricks. Thanks Anik.

  • Twitter Alias: @affclassroom
  • Twitter Bio: Too cool to describe in 160 words!

Mike Filsaime

I first learned about Mike via The Money Tree System launch which he did with Anik Singal. Mike’s an internet marketer who is second to none. If you want to learn about how to launch products the right way and get access to seriously stellar products, this is your guy.

  • Twitter Alias: @MikeFilsaime
  • Twitter Bio: The Coolest Guy On The Planet – Internet Marketer, Marketing Expert, Software, Online Services, Speaker, Author, Trainer.

Jeremy Schoemaker

I’ve been a fan of Jeremy’s work for a few years now, his blog is a great source of internet and affiliate marketing information. More recently I was fortunate enough to experience the ShoeMoneyX 12 Week Internet Marketing Coaching Program and was blown away by the quality of the material, I learned a ton of super useful stuff I use everyday since. If you’re a blogger, or affiliate marketer you can stand to learn a lot from Shoemoney.

  • Twitter Alias: @Shoemoney
  • Twitter Bio: Hi – I am Jeremy Schoemaker. Husband, Father, Author, Blogger, Managing Partner Of ShoeMoney Capital


Maki blogs over at DoshDosh, it’s a super cool looking blog that’s chock full of internet marketing and blogging goodness. Be sure to add the blog feed to your reading list, you will definitely not regret it. Maki shares some killer tips for making money online and will even share business blueprints from time to time. Simply an essential educational resource for internet marketers, bloggers and anyone looking to hone their skills.

  • Twitter Alias: @doshdosh
  • Twitter Bio: Philosophy student. Anime Otaku. Concerned citizen of the world. Provider of cool links, awesome content and good conversation.

Michael Dunlop

I first discovered Michael through his sites RetireAt21 and IncomeDiary. Michael is an young entrepreneur who shares tons of useful information including blogging tips, internet marketing strategies and making money online. Michael’s free 7 Day Blogging course is a winner and his super cool list of the Top Earning Blogs is pure gold. Incomediary is busy with a redesign at present so there are a few wrinkles in the site, but be sure to follow Michael and check it out for some killer guidance on making money online.

  • Twitter Alias: @MichaelDunlop
  • Twitter Bio: A Young Entrepreneur Making Money Online – Founder of and

Hold off on rounding up the lynch mob

Ok, now before you start a movement to have me publicly flogged for forgetting someone I’d like to point out that this is by no means the be all and end all list of marketers to follow on Twitter, but it’s a start. If you think someone else deserves a mention, blog and leave me a trackback or leave a comment which explains who the person is and what makes them the bees knees.

Thanks again for reading my new style FollowFriday post, it’s long overdue, I know, but life’s been a bit hectic of late with all the preparations that are being made for a trip to Costa Rica in July.